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marker  TOXKITS Equipment

Microbiotests offers a range of (lab) equipment which are needed to perform the toxicity tests with the Microbiotests Toxkits.

  • marker  All-round Toxkit incubator                            
    Thermostatically controlled incubator with built-in lights suitable for all Microbiotests Toxkits
    Order code TE21 / TE21B  /  TE21C


  • marker  Light table
    Practical tool for the performance of daphnia toxicity tests with the Daphtoxkit F
    Order code TE14


  • marker  Spectrophotometer Jenway 6300                                              
    Visible spectrophotometer suitable to perform algae and protozoan toxicity test:
    Protoxkit F – Algaltoxkit F – Algaltoxkit M
    Order code TE15


  • marker  Dissection microscope model SZB 250
    Stereomicroscope  to perform Microbiotests Toxkit tests:
    Thamnotoxkit F – Rotoxkit F – Rotoxkit F Chronic – Rotoxkit M – Ceriodaphtoxkit F
    Ostracodtoxkit F – Rapidtoxkit F Thamno
    Order code TE16


  • marker  Duckweed Light Unit                                                                     
    Light unit suitable to perform duckweed toxicity tests with the Duckweed Toxkit F
    Alternative light unit, for laboratories which are not equiped with a laboratory incubator
    with built-in lights.
    Order code TE51