Aliivibrio fischeri_Vibrio fischeri bioluminescence toxicty test

Aliivibrio fischeri luminescent bacteria toxicity test

Biolight Aliivibrio fischeri-Vibrio fischeri Luminescent Bacteria Toxicity Test ISO11348


Luminometer for bioluminescent toxicity testing


The BioLight Toxy luminometer offers the most up to date dual option instrument  for bioluminescent toxicty testing with Aliivibrio fischeri (formerly named Vibrio fischeri) in the market.  This is a result of matching a team of experts in ecotoxicity to fulfill the needs of toxicity users around the world.

This state-of-the-art luminometer brings together the capabilities of doing portable testing in the field as well as bench top testing in the lab.  The BioLight Toxy all-in-one unit is designed to be used in conjuction with the BioLight Multi and Single Reagent as well as BioLight Recon, BioLight Diluent and BioLight Salinity Adjusting Solution.

Biolight Toxy Luminometer For Bioluminescent Toxicity Testing With Aliivibrio Fischeri Iso11348
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BioLight Toxy Brings Rapid Toxicity Testing To The 21st Century 




Biolight Toxy benchtop luminometer for bioluminescent toxicity testing with Aliivibrio fischeri

◊  Versatile  modular bench-top and portable reader in one

◊  Expandable  bench-top offers up to 2 cooling block per unit

◊  Customizable  easy to use configurable protocols

◊  Reliable  meets all international standards such as ISO 11348-3 ;
ISO 21338 ; NMX-AA-1112-SCFI-207

◊  Rapid  read time < 7 seconds

◊  Independent  no need of tablet or PC

◊  Accessible  remote access

◊  Value  most cost-effective offering in the industry




Biolight Toxy Aliivibrio fischeri Luminescent Toxicity Test Analyzer
Biolight Toxy Aliivibrio Fischeri Luminescent Toxicity Test Analyzer Back

BIOLIGHT Luminescent bacteria test

Aliivibrio fischeri  (formerly Vibrio fischeri ) is a marine, Gram negative and non-pathogen bacterium that luminesces as a natural part of its metabolism under optimal environmental conditions.

When exposed to a toxic substance, the metabolic respiratory process of this bioluminescent bacterium is disrupted, reducing light output.  This inhibition of luminescence by Aliivibrio fischeri can be measured after 5-30 minutes with a photometer (luminometer).
The reduction of light intensity measured, directly correlates with the degree of toxicity of the sample relative to the control sample.

The application of freeze-dried luminescent bacteria proves to be a useful tool for the assessment and monitoring of toxicity.
Using the BioLight Toxy along with the BioLight Reagents and consumables provides testing that screen over 3.600 chemical compounds simultaneously.

Biolight Toxy Luminometer for acute toxicity testing with Aliivibrio fischeri

Bioassays using microbial biosensors are rapid, sensitive, reproducible and user-friendly.

BioLight Toxy bench top

The BioLight Toxy – Bench Top instrument includes a cooled read well and cooled reagent well along with a separate cooling block to ensure all samples are kept at the appropriate temperatures during testing.  There is an option to add an additional cooling block to double the number of samples that can be tested (up to 60 samples).

Additionally required to perform the analysis are the BioLight Multi Reagent, BioLight Diluent, BioLight Recon, BioLight Salinity Adjusting and disposable glass cuvettes.

BioLight Toxy - becnhtop luminometer-analyzer for bioluminescent toxicity testing with Aliivibrio fischeri ISO11348-3

When using the BioLight Toxy – Bench Top, there will be multiple protocols available to choose in the onboard software.  The software is easy to use and provides all results calculations that can be printed or uploaded to a computer as well as saved in the software. Choosing a protocol will be based on the water type, expected toxicity level and results of the baseline data if available. Most protocols provide results in approximately 45 minutes, including the 15 minutes for the BioLight Multi reagent to equilibrate after reconstitution.

BioLight Toxy

When using the BioLight Toxy in the field, two standard protocols are set up in the onboard software, the Primary Test and the Quick Test. This testing requires the BioLight Single Test Reagent, BioLight Diluent, BioLight Salinity Adjusting Solution and disposable glass cuvettes.

The BioLight Toxy field portable mode does not include temperature control, so it is important to keep the reagent frozen until use. Each vial of Single reagent will do up to 3 tests. Typically, this will be a negative and positive control and 1 sample. To start, sample tubes are set up in a cuvette rack based on the number to be analyzed. Following the protocol in the instrument, the reagent will be prepared and will require a 15-minute wait time to equilibrate. Step by step instructions will be provided in the software protocol for sample prep and reading. The BioLight Toxy will read the Single reagent at time zero to have a baseline to compare the readings after sample exposure. The instrument can be set for custom read times, however the typical field read time is 5 minutes.

BioLight Toxy-luminometer for bioluminescent bacteria toxicity testing with Aliivibrio fischeri

This test will provide results in 20 minutes total. The Toxy can be set to read again at 15 minutes if required to see if there is a significant difference in the light loss. Different chemicals often have effects on the light change at different times. Light loss may be present at 5 minutes but may continue to decrease at 15 minutes. The 15-minute reading may be more reliable.

BIOLIGHT Toxy Features A Custom PLC Software Interface On-Board

User can either choose from a library of common toxicity tests already pre-programmed in the software or create a fully customized test that can be saved to the library for future testing. This is just one of many helpful features that have been incorporated into this new state-of-the art luminometer, making rapid acute toxicity testing even easier.

Software is multilanguage and friendly for new users.


EC50 Test  2%, 45% or 81.9%

Testing that provides a calculated EC50 value and measure relative toxicity.

  • 2% EC50 Test – samples expected to have a high level of toxicity. Typically, this would be for wastewater influent or pure compounds.
  • 45% EC50 Test – samples of unknown toxicity. This EC50 test measures relative toxicity and is the most adaptable. It is a good option for septage, influent wastewater and water from a treatment digester.
  • 81.9% EC50 – samples expected to have low to medium toxicity.  Primarily used for drinking water, wastewater effluent, pore water and stormwater. The expected EC50 level for this test should be between 30% to 50%.

% Effect Test – 2%, 45% or 81.9%

Testing using a single concentration.  This test will not determine relative toxicity or provide a dose response curve.

  • 2% Effect Test – Used for samples with high toxicity. Wastewater influent, septage, industrial trucked waste.
  • 45% Effect Test – Used for samples of medium toxicity.
  • 81.9% Effect Test – Used with samples of low toxicity such as drinking water.

Comparison Test

Used to compare the relative acute toxicity of an undetermined sample with a control sample. A control sample could be a sample of a determined toxicity.  This is the best test for the analysis of low toxicity samples if the EC50 values can’t be achieved using the EC50 test.


Complies with ISO 11348-3. The ISO Standard states that the method is applicable for wastewater, fresh water – both surface and ground, sea and also brackish water, eluates of sediments, pore water – both aqueous extracts and leachates.

Solids Test

Used for soils, sediments and other solid samples. The test uses solid samples which are serial diluted with 9.9% being the highest concentration. It can be used for freshwater, marine and estuarine samples with the appropriate diluent. It allows for the detection of toxicity due to the insoluble solids that are not in solution by allowing the test organisms to come in direct contact with the solid sample in an aqueous suspension.

Order information

  • order code BIO2019L     BioLight Toxy – Bench Top
    Includes : BioLight Instrument with on board PLC and software for both field and lab protocols.
    Cooling block to hold 12 mm cuvettes with USB connection to the  cooling unit for power
  • order code BIO2018P     BioLight Toxy – Portable
    Includes : BioLight Instrument with on board PLC and software for field protocols.
    No rechargable battery included*
    *can be connected with external portable Power Station or wall plug for inside usage
  • order code BIO2018A     Upgrade from BioLight Portable to Bench Top
    Includes :  Cooling block to hold 12 mm cuvettes with USB connection to the unit for power.
    USB for adding lab protocols to the software
  • order code BIO2020     Cooling Block for 12 mm Tubes
    Includes : Cooling block to hold 12 mm cuvettes with USB connection to the unit for power.
    This item can only be acquired when the user has purhased BIO2019L or BIO2018A.
  • order code BIO2021     Cooling Block for 17 mm Tubes (Solids Testing)
    Includes : Cooling block to hold 17 mm cuvettes with USB connection to the unit for power.
    This item can only be acquired when the user has purhased BIO2019L or BIO2018A.
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Biolight Toxy Luminometer For Bioluminescent Toxicity Testing With Aliivibrio Fischeri Iso11348
Biolight Reagent Aliivibrio fischeri Bioluminescent Toxictiy Testing ISO11348