Luminescent bacteria test_ISO 11348-3

Aliivibrio fischeri luminescent bacteria toxicity test

Aliivibrio fischeri luminescent bacteria toxicity test

BIOLIGHT_Aliivibrio fischeri

Acute toxicity reagents

BioLight reagents are applicable for the luminescent bacteria toxicity test using Aliivibrio fischeri  (formerly known as Vibrio fischeri ) which has bioluminescent properties.

The inhibition of light emitted by the luminescent bacteria is the test criterion for measuring toxicity.

The BioLight Acute Toxicity Reagents are standardized for use with bioassay methods described in ISO 11348-3 and ISO 21338.

Luminescent bacteria test
with aliivibrio fischeri

Aliivibrio fischeri  (formerly Vibrio fischeri ) is a marine, Gram negative and non-pathogen bacterium that luminesces as a natural part of its metabolism under optimal environmental conditions.

When exposed to a toxic substance, the metabolic respiratory process of this bioluminescent bacterium is disrupted, reducing light output.  This inhibition of luminescence by Aliivibrio fischeri can be measured after 5-30 minutes with a photometer (luminometer).  The reduction of light intensity measured, directly correlates with the degree of toxicity of the sample relative to the control sample.

The application of freeze-dried luminescent bacteria proves to be a useful tool for the assessment and monitoring of toxicity.

Bioassays using microbial biosensors are rapid, sensitive, reproducible and user-friendly..

luminescent bacteria Aliivibrio fischeri

Luminescent bacteria test method is applicable for the screening of:


industrial effluent and process water

aqueous extracts and leachates from hazardous waste

eluates of sediment and contaminated soil

monitoring of fresh, marine and brackish water

drinking water monitoring

drilling mud or fluids

The bioluminescence inhibition bioassay with Aliivibrio fischeri  ( syn. Vibrio fischeri ) has been standardized (luminescence bacteria test ISO 11348-3 and ISO 21338) and widely used for a variety of ecotoxicological applications and research for more than 30 years.

Aqua Science

BioLight Acute Toxicity Reagent and Consumables

Microbiotests distributes the BioLight Reagents from the company Aqua Science , USA.

The Aqua Science team has 40+ years combined experience in the manufacturing of acute toxicity and other custom reagents used for water quality testing.  Their highly trained employees include preeminent experts in Aliivibrio fischeri production, so they can offer the highest quality option for toxicity reagent and consumables to this specific market.

Their experience includes overseeing the transfer of production from the original method developer (Azur Environmental / Microbics) in 2000, production and product improvement for 11 years at Strategic Diagnostics (SDIX) and at Modern Water for 8 years.
In 2020, this enitre team brought their specialized skills and comprehensive knowledge of Aliivibrio fischeri to Aqua Science.
Where they developed BioLight, an improved formula that performs better than any competition in the market.

BioLight bioluminescent bacteria and reagents are standardized for use with:

ISO 11348-3 :  Water quality – Determination of the inhibitory effect of water samples on the light emission of Vibrio fischeri (luminescent bacteria test) – Part 3: Method using freeze-dried bacteria

ISO 21338 :  Water quality – Kinetic determination of the inhibitory effect of sediment, other solids and coloured samples on the light emission of Vibrio fischeri (kinetic luminescent bacteria test)


  • order code BIO2006        BioLight Multi Test, Freeze Dried Bacteria (10 vials/box)
  • order code BIO2007        BioLight Single Test, Freeze Dried Bacteria (50 vials/box)
  • order code BIO 2001       BioLight Recon (50 mL)
  • order code BIO 2002       BioLight Diluent (1 L)
  • order code BIO 2003       BioLight Solid Phase Diluent (1 L)
  • order code BIO 2004       BioLight Salinity Adjustment (50 mL)
  • order code BIO 2005       BioLight Recon (1 L)
  • item code BIO2008        Disposable Glass Cuvettes (200)
  • order code BIO2009        Disposable Glass Cuvettes (1000)
  • order code RAW1035      10-100 µl Pipet Tips
  • order code RAW1036      100-1000 µl Pipet Tips
  • order code BIO2010        Extended Length Tips for Solid Phase
  • order code BIO2011        Solid Phase Filter Column and Tubes (1000)

BioLight bioluminescent bacteria (reagent) is freeze-dried for extended life then stored frozen at -18°C  to -20°C and is reconstituted before use.  A single vial of reagent contains approximately one hundred million cells.  The sample salinity is adjusted to ensure a saltwater atmosphere due to Aliivibrio fischeri being a marine bacterium.  Diluent is used for dilutions as required for the test protocol.

BioLight reagents and diluents can be used with commercially available luminometer systems (Microtox®, TOXmini, LumiStox, TOXAlert, …).
Luminescent bacteria tests can be performed with field portable, bench-top and on-line analyzers.